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Brussels Philharmonic welcomes Kazushi Ono with new design

Brussels Philharmonic has welcomed the arrival of its new Music Director Kazushi Ono with a fresh website and brand design, marking a new era in its history.

With Ono at the helm, the orchestra’s new strategy includes four elements: Bucket List, an exploration of the great symphonic repertoire; Atelier, working with smaller formations; Lab, researching and exposing new music, with recently appointed Guest Conductor Ilan Volkov; and Film & Festival, centred around film music.

When the appointment was announced in September 2021, Ono said: ‘I am impressed by the players’ sound, sensibility, flexibility and passion, and I am certain of our potential to achieve something meaningful together. In my role as Music Director I will try to construct a broad base in my programming, with repertoire ranging from Classical through to the music of today. As we develop our relationship, we will open many doors and create a different world inside each one.’

The website describes the new relationship: ‘By innovating while maintaining full respect for the value of the past, we keep the symphonic music of the past, present and future relevant and inspiring for ourselves and all of society. We do this from the historic Studio 4 at Flagey in Brussels, together with our Music Director Kazushi Ono: he shares our open and adventurous spirit and our rock-solid belief in the need for cross-fertilisation between art, life and society.’

The first concert of Ono’s tenure is on 1 October, with Mahler’s Fifth Symphony and Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto with soloist Marceau Lefèvre.


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