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Kazushi Ono talks to OperaWire

In a new interview with OperaWire, Kazushi Ono discusses his vision as Artistic Director of New National Theatre Tokyo

Photo of Kazushi Ono: Rikimaru Hotta

Kazushi Ono has been interviewed by David Salazar for OperaWire. Asked for the highlights of his tenure so far, Ono cites the 2021 production of Meistersinger and 2022 Boris Godunov staged by Mariusz Treliński, explaining, ‘Mariusz and the dramaturgy team has done profound historical research of Boris Godunov and his times. What they aimed is not to describe the 16th century Russia realistically, but to find the historical facts and universal theme, which has a link to the present. As a result, the opera conveyed an extraordinarily strong message with powerful Mussorgsky music and made us see the present from the voice of the past.’

He is also asked for his favourite composers and says, ‘It is very difficult to answer this question. There are too many attractive composers and I cannot choose just one or two. However, I love of course Mozart. In his opera there are numerous soloists, but he gives every role a personality with character even though it is small role. What a talent!

And Verdi and Wagner, of course. Libretto and music are inseparable in their works, thus they accomplish the form of Opera. And then Janacek, Bartok, Britten, Prokofiev, Shostakovich. They all give great imagination building their own world in the 20th century, where all the music languages and styles were widened. I especially am attached to “The Fiery Angel” of Prokofiev.’

Read the full interview here.


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